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Icons and wall-paintings of Tanya Kondova-Peneva

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Chapel of St. Elijah, the prophet
The Scenes that I wall-painted in the “St. Elijah the prophet” chapel in the village of Izvor, Burgas region, are as follows: “The Nativity”, “Baptism of Christ”, "St. Petka and St. Marina”, scrolls and inscriptions.
"St. John of Rila" Chapel
"St. John of Rila" Chapel in the town of Pomorie, in the center for rehabilitation and mud-cure. The wall-painting depicts “St. Virgin. A Source of Life” and angels.

"Reverend Paraskeva - Petka Bulgarian" Church
In the "Reverend Paraskeva - Petka Bulgarian" Church in the village of Polski Izvor, Burgas region, are exhibited some of my icons of the Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ, St. Archangel Michael, St. Petka, St. John the Baptist, St. Stephen, as well as an icon depicting the Last Supper.